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Car parks in Milan. Cost and parking's map in the centre of town

For don't get fines departs from 32 Euros, in the center of Milan and neighboring zones is better to be provided with the card called "Sosta Milano " or to park own car in covered parking lot.

muoversi/sosta_1.jpgDiscover car parks to payment
They are delimited by blue strips on road.
According to the zone, the price varies from € 1,00/hour to € 1,40/hour.

The purchase of the card "Sosta Milano " is an arduous enterprise. The usual resales are the tobacconists and some cafes present in the area delimited by the blue strips. The was it must be exposed on the parwindshield of the motor vehicle scratching the time of arrival.
You make well your calculations. If you mistake the parking assistants, friendly called "Verdoni", are fussy. Their assignment is to check and to fine.

Covered car parks
The prize is € 5.00 Euro the first two hours and € 1.50 or 2.00 the following hours.

In the forest of road signs present in the city, in the center of town and neighboring zones you pay attention to these two road signs:


This road sign identifies the area reserved to residents (yellow strips).
The number presents on road sign identifies the zone.
Better not park the moto vehicle without the relative card. The fine is insured.

This road sign identifies the area to payment (blue strips)
The payment timeframe and the hourly cost are indicated.
To use the special card "Sosta Milano "
Out of the signalled timeframe, the parking is free.

Car parks of correspondence
Along the subway lines there are ATM's car parks. This allow a practical interchange with the urban transports. Electronic notice-boards are present along the principal roads in entrance to Milan for signaling the name of the nearest car park and availability of free car places.
The car parks are near to the subway stations:
MM1 (red line) Bisceglie - Molino Dorino - Lampugnano - Romolo - Sesto Marelli - S.Leonardo
MM2 (green line) Cascina Gobba - Cologno Nord - Crescenzago - Famagosta - Gessate
MM3 (yellow line) S. Donato
Other car parks are in: Forlanini - Molinetto di Lorenteggio.

€ 1.00 until four hours
Euro 2.10 all day. Week ticket: € 6.20

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